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It has always been a dream of mine to be able to build my own small ROV to have and play with for fun. With work and all other things going on I have never really had the time to get started with this project.

However I have decided to in print think up an ROV design, maybe there are some of you readers out there that has already built your own ROV or would like to build an ROV.

The intention is to produce an ROV within a budget that would be comparable to most other Hobbies, like Golf, skiing or other. ( Let's say $ 2,000 )

The problem with building anything is that you require a basic plan and specific criteria to meet. My intentions are to develop a specification using feedback from yourselves and plan, source, price and ultimately build an ROV.

Please note these sections will evolve as I get feedback from you the reader, some of the suggestions might sound stupid but that is the Idea with the whole project. To cause controversy and to get people involved in designing an ROV.

I will play the devils advocate sometimes please be patient.

[Control Console] [Control umbilical] [Underwater Housing] [Propulsion] [Control system] [Underwater Video] [Extra equipment]


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