I have been in the ROV offshore industry since 1979 starting as a Phototechnician working for a Salvage company working the German Wrecks (Scuttled 1919) in Scapa Flow in the Orkney's. From then I have worked my way through different positions both onshore and offshore for Different ROV operating companies and ROV manufacturers. I am at present working for Sonsub International in the North Sea.

My involvement in training has been extensive and it started when I was working with Santa Fe Underwater services which arranged training for their ROV personnel in Cupar in fife.

I was in charge of running the site and produce the training material, since then I have been involved in training and project management for numerous projects world wide.

My special interests are ROV work packages since I was involved in the development of the work packages for SONAT and SONSUB Challenger ROV. This experience has taken me to work all over Europe and the US over the last few years.

When I worked for Perry Tritech Ltd. I was a Project Manager and Training Manager responsible for the interface with customers from first contact to final delivery of ROV systems including the training of the Customers ROV personnel.

I am now working on contracts for any Company interested in using my experience in applied ROV technology and training onshore or offshore.

My other interests are: Archeology, Astronomy, New Technology, Science ( New Scientist my favorite weekly ), Anything to do with Salvage.

For more information or work contact dan@wintermute.co.uk


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