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ROV network is a site dedicated to the ROV Industry, the people and the machines. Remotely Operated Vehicles have become well known now through their exploits in the real world and the movies but the history of the machines goes back decades.

This site is aimed at both the professional industry and the dedicated amateurs who are out there building there own machines.

There are thousands of ROV's out there from the low cost eyeballs and mine hunters through to giant salvage and ploughing machines able to tear apart sunken wrecks or bury hundreds of kilometers of oil pipelines or fibreoptic cables that span the globe.

In between are construction vehicles, electric vehicles, AUV's and a host of dedicated tooling modules that carry out only one task but do it effectively and reliably (in theory)

In these pages you will find details of many of these systems and over the next few months we hope to expand these pages dramatically to cover the best and the worst in the industry.

To do that we need your help. ROV network is looking for information about your systems. So if you fancy seeing your name in print then send us pictures, text, data, critical analysis, hints tips and tricks about how your systems work, the good bits and the bad. The great jobs and the disasters.

Of particular interest is the history of the systems. Many of us have been around for a good few years now and when we started, ROV's were considered unreliable toys, Names like Trek and RCV225 were the state of the art. ROV's go back even further though and we want to hear about these early systems and there more recent bretheren.

So come on people, tell us your stories and your experiance.

We are looking for good articles for a master class as well. How to make the perfect splice. How to keep water out of connectors and how connectors actually work. How compensators do their thing. How to fault find a Hyball or flush the Hydraulics on an Innovator.

We hope this site will become a resource for the future where just maybe engineers like myself can avoid making the same mistakes again and again and where the dedicated amateurs out there building there own machines can glean knowledge to make their systems work.

For Companies interested in promoting their products there is a growing data base of suppliers and operators which will also be expanded soon. If your not in it then please contact us now. It's free

So get writing and posting to

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